Microwave Active Packaging

Imagine the ability to evenly heat and re-heat food in a microwave without having to worry about hot or cold spots in the food? What about the capabilities of compartmentalising warm, hot and cold items together on the same plate and then microwaving them together in a microwave oven with each compartment selectively being heated to the desired temperature? Imagine microwaving frozen ice cream on the same plate with a bowl of hot chocolate or cherry sauce, with the ice cream being totally shielded from heating. We're able to use the microwave to generate tasty, healthy chilled fresh convenience food - for consumers, restaurants and caterers looking to broaden their culinary choices.
Look no further.
Shieltronics has the IML shielding foils to help create unlimited possibilities for culinaire food applications which extend your wildest dreams. We have solutions available now - and we are seeking innovative commercial partners with global aspirations of leading the new wave. Please contact us to discuss your dreams and aspirations

Packaging Applications

Convenience, Innovation & design proofed to be game changing and profitable. Enhanced convenience and innovation adopted in your future products could cause game-changing situations for your business e.g. some success stories learned us. Some current market leaders who changed the world with new product innovations are: APPLE Inc. where everyone thought Nokia would be the unbeatable brand in the mobile industry. Apple proofed wrong when they introduced a three times more expensive product with more convenience, innovation and design. Within 5 year it became the major market leader for smartphones. TETRAPAK Inc. which became the market leader in beverage packaging where glass bottles became obsolete in the dairy industry. NESTLE Inc., which caused a mega change in the coffee industry with their Nespresso cup innovation. Even with a 450% more expensive price (like Apple did with the iPad) it became the de facto standard for a convenient cup of coffee.

Products with Shieltronics Technology

Shieltronics has the know-how and know-why to bring your dreams into reality, together with the intellectual property portfolio to protect their application. We have solutions available now - and we are seeking innovative commercial partners with global aspirations of leading the new wave. Please contact us to discuss your dreams and aspirations.


Shieltronics is a Research and Development, Application and Technology licensing company, specializing in shielded microwave technologies. Shieltronics was founded in 2007 by visionary scientist Ir. Frans van de Weijer. Today, the company is led by a seasoned international management team of experienced and dedicated professionals with a track-record of commercializing technology and successfully delivering innovations to the global marketplace. Proudly, we have evolved to become one of the world’s most innovative microwave science and technology centers, recognized for our expertise and leadership and rewarded with several patents in, amongst other areas - selective microwave shielding and heating technology. In the rapidly expanding market of microwaveable packaging, we recognize the largest market drivers and trends are the need for new product innovation, existing product expansion and a global demand for new levels of convenience and flexibility. When it comes to food, our industry is challenged to deliver new levels of time savings, convenience, taste and texture, health and fitness, and all at attractive and affordable prices.

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This entry is the most innovative in that different foils keep into account different meal components, while the package as a whole may be in the microwave oven. Foil use benefits the quality, freshness and taste. The ease of use is great, many applications are possible and the packaged content looks attractive.
NL Packaging awards

NL Packaging awards

The jury was warmly welcomed and participated in a tasty, informative presentation. The verdict: 'Here a complete range is given to an assortment that has all the characteristics of pure, honest and nature.'
Misset Catering Awards

Misset Catering Awards

The dosing of the microwave radiation is via a specially developed label. This label is integrated in the packaging. Meal components can be modularly packaged, maximizing the possibility of decoupled cooking. Partial deliveries from suppliers can also be combined.



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